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Ultrasonic descaling equipment

Ultrasonic descaling equipment

1. Introduction Ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling technology is a typical representative of modern high-tech descaling and anti-scaling technology. It is widely used in industrial or civil heat exchange equipment for descaling and anti-scaling. Ultrasonic anti-scaling and descaling equipment can not only solve long-term troubled enterprises. Descaling troubles can also fundamentally solve the problem of anti-scaling. It not only saves energy consumption, improves production efficiency, reduces enterprise cost, and does not pollute the environment. It is simple and convenient to operate, and has become an energy-saving and environmental protection expert for descaling and anti-scaling of industrial enterprises. 2. Working principle Ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling equipment mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic signal transmission cable, ultrasonic energy converter and ultrasonic installation.

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Ultrasound scale removal and scale prevention technology is applied to industrial or civil heat exchanger equipment for scale removal and scale prevention. Ultrasound scale prevention and scale removal equipment can not only solve the long-term troubles of enterprise scale removal, but also solve the problem of scale prevention. It can not only save energy consumption, improve production efficiency, reduce enterprise costs, but also do not pollute the environment. It is simple and convenient to operate.

Working Principle of Scale Removal and Anti-scaling Equipment by Ultrasound

The ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling equipment is mainly composed of an ultrasonic generator, an ultrasonic signal transmission cable, an ultrasonic energy converter and a pipeline assembly equipped with an ultrasonic transducer. According to the installation mode, it can be divided into three types: external type, embedded type and built-in type. Ultrasound scale removal and anti-scaling equipment mainly uses the "cavitation" effect, "chemical" effect, "shearing" effect and "imitation" effect of ultrasound to treat fluid in strong sound field. Under the action of ultrasonic field, the scaling substances in the fluid undergo a series of changes in their physical form and chemical properties, which make it difficult to disperse, crush, loosen and loosen. Fouling is formed on the wall of the attached pipe.

Characteristics of ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling equipment

1. Synchronization of scale removal and anti-scaling: equipment scale removal and anti-scaling are carried out synchronously, including scale removal, non-scale and anti-scaling, once scale removal and long-term scale prevention.

2. Low power consumption, low operating costs, continuous adjustable peak power output, free of routine maintenance.

3. Humanized design, automatic control: control instrument can automatically track frequency; automatic monitoring of transducer working status and equipment load status, timely follow-up response.

4. Clean and environmental protection: chemical agents are not needed in the whole process of descaling and anti-scaling. They are non-corrosive, non-interference and clean, and have no effect on operators and heat exchangers.

5. Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction

Ultrasonic descaling equipment