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1200W series spot welder

1200W series spot welder

Guosheng 1200W series ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts DSP (Digital Signal Process) digital signal processing technology, large-scale integrated high-speed computer control, embedded operation, automatic frequency scanning, wide-band frequency automatic tracking, fool-like operation, adaptive load And transducer, high stability and high precision. The product advantages are as follows: 1. Digital intelligent automatic frequency chasing (AFC), adapt to various sizes of welding heads and different design molds. 2. Digital intelligent automatic constant amplitude system, which automatically compensates for different load changes and voltage fluctuations. 3, the power stage uses high power high frequency

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Guosheng 1200 ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts DSP (Digital Signal Process) digital signal processing device, automatic frequency scanning, broadband frequency automatic tracking, simple operation and adaptive load.

Product characteristics

1. Automatic frequency tracking (AFC).

2. Phase-locked loop circuit.

3. Double CPU controller configuration.

4. The constant amplitude system can compensate the amplitude automatically for different load changes.

5. Its driving circuit.

6. Power IGBT is used for power drive.

7. Overcurrent protection and frequency lock-out protection.

8. Double LED display, digital setting, simple operation.

Equipment parameters

Specific parameters are determined by customization requirements of customer product selection. Different equipment types have different parameters. Examples of parameter configuration are as follows:

1. Frequency: 20Khz, 28Khz, 30Khz, 35Khz, 40Khz and other models.

2. Power: 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W and other models.

Industry Application

1. Garment industry: underwear and underwear needle lathe front process, ribbon elastic band welding, spot drilling and drilling, textile wiring, jewelry welding, lace dissolution, cotton shaping, mask reinforcement spot welding.

2. Trademark industry: marking belt, marking belt, marking machine, marking machine.

3. Automobile industry: Door sound-proof cotton, fiber cotton spot welding, wiper seat, engine cover, water tank cover, battery, headlight, rear lamp, instrument, reflector, etc.

4. Electronics industry: riveting of small plastic parts, fixing of circuit boards, supersonic filamenting and embedding of fixed columns. Recording, tape cassette and core wheel, disk housing, cell phone battery board and rectifier transformer, switch socket, remote control, electronic mosquito racket.

5. Household goods industry: electronic clocks, electric drums, steam irons, water tanks, electric kettles, computers, plastic toys, water guns, aquarium games, children's dolls, plastic gifts, etc.

6. Stationery daily necessities: stationery box, aquarium ruler, folder seam and shell, pen holder, cosmetic box case, toothpaste tube tail sealing, cosmetic mirror, insulating cup, lighter, condiment bottle, imitation bottle cap and other sealed containers.

7. Sports supplies: table tennis, table tennis racket, badminton racket, tennis racket, golf club, billiard table, treadmill drum rope skipping grip treadmill, treadmill accessories, jumping boxes, gymnastic mats, boxing gloves, boxing sandbags, Sanda protectors, path signs, X-rack and other sports equipment.

welding technology

1. Welding method: Under moderate pressure, the welding joint of two pieces of plastic produced friction heat and melted instantaneously. The welding strength is similar to that of the body. With reasonable interface design, the workpiece can achieve water and air tightness, and avoid the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products, and achieve clean welding with high efficiency.

2. Riveting welding method: using the welding head of high frequency vibration of ultrasonic wave, pressing the fixed column of plastic products, making it instantly heated and melted into rivet shape, so that different materials are mechanically riveted together.

3. Embedding: Under moderate pressure, metal parts (such as nuts, screw, etc.) are instantaneously squeezed into the reserved plastic holes by the welding head with high frequency vibration of ultrasonic wave, and fixed in the predetermined size position. After completion, both the tensile force and the torsional force can be close to the strength of the traditional mould, which can avoid the damage of the injection mould and the shortcoming of slow injection. Point.

4. Forming: This method is similar to riveting method. The concave weld head is pressed on the outer ring of plastic products. After the weld head is exposed to high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, the plastic is melted and coated on metal objects to make it fixed, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. This method is mostly used in the fixed forming of electronic products, loudspeakers, and the fixing of lens of cosmetics, etc. 。

5. Spot welding: Spot welding of two pieces of plastic does not require pre-designed welding wires to achieve the purpose of welding. Compared with large workpieces, it is not easy to design the workpiece of welding wire for spot welding, and to achieve the purpose of welding, multi-spot welding can be carried out at the same time.

6. Cutting Seal: Using the working principle of instantaneous high frequency vibration of ultrasonic wave to cut chemical fibre fabrics, its advantages are that the incision is clean, no cracking and no drawing.

1200W series spot welder