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Ultrasonic spot welder power generator

Ultrasonic spot welder power generator

Guosheng ultrasonic spot welding machine power generator adopts DSP (Digital Signal Process) digital signal processing technology, large-scale integrated high-speed computer control, embedded operation, automatic frequency scanning, wide-band frequency automatic tracking, fool-like operation, adaptive load And transducer, high stability and high precision. The product advantages are as follows: 1. Digital intelligent automatic frequency chasing (AFC), adapt to various sizes of welding heads and different design molds. 2. Digital intelligent automatic constant amplitude system, which automatically compensates for different load changes and voltage fluctuations. 3, the power stage uses high-power high-frequency IGB

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Guosheng color screen ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts phase-locked loop + digital signal process (DSP) digital signal processing device, automatic frequency scanning, broadband frequency automatic tracking, simple operation, adaptive load.

Product characteristics:

1. Automatic frequency tracking (AFC).

2. Phase-locked loop circuit.

3. Double CPU controller configuration.

4. The constant amplitude system can compensate the amplitude automatically for different load changes.

5. Its driving circuit.

6. Power IGBT is used for power drive.

7. Overcurrent protection and frequency lock-out protection.

8 and 4.3 inch industrial color touch screen human-computer interface, human-computer interaction, digital setting, simple operation.

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