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Ultrasonic vibration cutting equipment

Ultrasonic vibration cutting equipment

1. Introduction Ultrasonic vibration cutting is microscopically a pulse cutting. In a vibration cycle, the effective cutting time of the tool is very short, and the tool is completely separated from the workpiece and the chip more than 80% of the time. The tool is in intermittent contact with the workpiece and the chip, which makes the friction of the tool smaller, the heat generated is greatly reduced, the cutting force is significantly reduced, the "knife" phenomenon during ordinary cutting is avoided, and no built-up edge is generated. . With this kind of vibration cutting, precision machining can be performed on ordinary machine tools. The geometrical tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism and straightness are mainly determined by the precision of the machine tool spindle and guide rail.

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Ultrasound vibration cutting is a kind of pulse cutting from the microscopic point of view. In a vibration period, the effective cutting time of the tool is very short, and most of the time the tool is separated from the workpiece and chips. The tool contacts with workpiece and chips intermittently, which makes the friction of the tool smaller, the heat generated greatly reduced, and the cutting force decreased, avoiding the phenomenon of "let the knife" in ordinary cutting, and does not produce chip tumors. Using this kind of vibration cutting, precision machining can be carried out on ordinary machine tools. Roundness, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism, straightness and other shape and position tolerances mainly depend on the accuracy of machine tool spindle and guide rail, which makes it possible to replace grinding by turning, reaming by drilling, and grinding by milling. Compared with high speed hard cutting, it does not need high rigidity of machine tool and does not destroy the metallographic structure of workpiece surface. In the finish machining of curved contour parts, we can use CNC lathes, machining centers and so on to carry out copying processing, which can save the high purchase cost of CNC grinders.

1. Small cutting force.

2. High machining accuracy mainly depends on the accuracy of the machine tool used. The shape and position tolerance of the workpiece machined is almost close to the accuracy of the machine tool.

3. The cutting temperature is low and the workpiece is kept at room temperature.

4. No chip tumors, small deformation and no burrs.

5. The cutting surface roughness is low, which is close to the theoretical roughness value.

6. Rigidity of machined parts, that is to say, compared with ordinary cutting, is equivalent to the improvement of workpiece rigidity.

7. The machining process is stable and can effectively eliminate chatter.

8. The cooling and lubrication of cutting fluid are improved.

9. Improve tool durability.

10. The machined surface is in a compressive stress state, and the fatigue strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts are improved.

application area

Ultrasound vibration cutting has so many advantages that it can be widely used in cutting difficult-to-machine materials in aviation, aerospace, military and other fields.

1. Hard-to-cut materials: heat-resistant steel, titanium alloy, constant elastic alloy, superalloy, stainless steel, chilled cast iron, engineering ceramics, composite materials and granite, etc.

2. Processing hardened steel parts and superhard parts can obtain high processing accuracy and surface quality: Hardened steel parts, such as high speed steel and bearing steel, can be easily processed with carbide cutters; Processing carbide with PCD cutters can greatly improve the tool durability.

3. Forming Cutting: Using Forming Cutting Tools to Machine Various Types of Contour Surfaces, Internal and External Spherical Surfaces, Over-arcs, Conical Surfaces, etc.

4. Turning of slender rods and thin-walled parts

5. Turning of Ultra-fine Diameter Parts

6. Ultra-precision processing.

Ultrasonic vibration cutting equipment