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Embossing machine ultrasonic system

Embossing machine ultrasonic system

Weihai Guosheng Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in supporting ultrasonic systems for embossing composite machines, mainly providing ultrasonic power generators, ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic welding heads. DSP (Digital Signal Process) digital signal processing technology, large-scale integrated high-speed computer control, embedded operation, automatic frequency scanning, wide-band frequency automatic tracking, fool-like operation, adaptive load and change Energy, high stability, high precision. Guosheng ultrasonic transducer adopts imported pressure German electric ceramic piece, aluminum material, titanium alloy precision production, harmonic

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Weihai Guosheng Ultrasound Technology Co., Ltd. mainly provides three parts: ultrasonic power generator, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic welding head for bag making machine.

Guosheng Ultrasound Power Generator uses digital signal processing technology, automatic frequency scanning, broadband frequency automatic tracking, simple operation, adaptive load.

Guosheng ultrasonic transducer is made of high-power ceramic sheet. It has low resonance impedance, high mechanical Q value, high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, low calorific value, large amplitude, high vibration speed and long service time.

Guosheng ultrasonic welding head is optimized by finite element method. It has low resonance impedance, no heating and long service time.

Embossing machine ultrasonic system