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Ultrasonic cloth cutting machine

Ultrasonic cloth cutting machine

1. Introduction Compared to traditional cutting knives, ultrasonic cutting does not require sharp edges and does not require a lot of pressure and will not cause damage. At the same time, since the cutting blade is subjected to ultrasonic vibration, the frictional resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easily adhered to the blade. 2. Features 1) Perfect edge sealing effect, never flashing 2) Low cost of cutter wheel, long life and easy replacement 3) Fast cutting speed and saving labor cost 4) Safe operation, no harm, no noise, low energy consumption 5 ) can be modified on the original cloth cutting machine, more cost saving 6) easy to install, suitable for a variety of fabric width

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Brief Introduction of Ultrasound Cloth Cutting Machine:

Because of the ultrasonic vibration of the cutting tool, the friction resistance of the cutting material is small, and the cutting material is not easy to adhere to the blade.

Characteristics of ultrasonic cloth cutting machine:

1. Good edge sealing, no hairy edge;

2. The cost of cutter wheel is low and the replacement is convenient.

3. Cutting speed is fast and labor cost is saved.

4. Simple operation, no noise, less power consumption;

5. It can be refitted on the original breaker to save cost.

6. Easy to install, suitable for a variety of fabric door width.

Ultrasonic cloth cutting machine