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Ultrasonic food cutting machine

Ultrasonic food cutting machine

1. Introduction Ultrasonic food cutting system provides a new way to cut, slice, and automatically turn to handle a variety of different foods, making production process, waste miniaturization and low maintenance costs. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment uses high-frequency vibration of 2,000 times per second generated by ultrasonic energy to create a surface with almost no friction between the blade and the food, so there is no problem of sticking and squeezing at all. Since the friction is greatly reduced, the blade does not actually wear any wear. As a result, the service life is longer and the annual maintenance costs can be reduced. 2. Features use ultrasonic energy cutting to reduce friction non-stick knife, incision

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Ultrasound food cutting system provides a new way to cut, slice and automatically turn to deal with different kinds of food, making the production process, small waste and low maintenance cost. Ultrasound food cutting equipment uses the high frequency vibration of 2000 times per second generated by ultrasonic energy to create a very small friction surface between the blade and food, so there will be no sticking and extrusion problems. Since friction is greatly reduced, the blade actually wears less. Therefore, the use of long time, but also reduce the annual maintenance costs.

Equipment characteristics

1. Reducing friction by ultrasonic energy cutting

2. Non-sticking knife, smooth and tidy incision

3. Cutting wide range of objects, frozen products, products containing butter can adapt

4. Cutting at constant temperature, high temperature and low temperature, cutting speed is fast.

5. No crumbs, no edges

6. For multi-layer product cutting, it can keep no cross-color between layers.

7. Reducing Friction by Using Ultrasound Energy Cutting

Equipment application field

Ultrasound food cutting equipment is suitable for cake shop and small food processing workshop. Handheld humanized design can be used for a long time without fatigue, convenience and convenience. It is suitable for all kinds of baking food. Hand-held ultrasonic food cutting equipment can be cut at will, automatic control of cutting angle, any size of products can be cut.

It can be used for slicing multi-layer butter cake, sandwich Mousse cake, jujube mud cake, steamed sandwich cake, Napoleon, Swiss roll, Brownie, Tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwich and other baking foods. Baked and frozen foods can be divided into many shapes, such as round, square, fan, triangle, etc. And according to the needs of customers and existing conditions to propose customized ultrasound solutions, welcome to test samples.

Ultrasonic food cutting machineUltrasonic food cutting machine