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Ultrasonic algae removal equipment

Ultrasonic algae removal equipment

In the 1990s, Japan began research on ultrasonic algae-killing and algae-killing techniques, and is currently conducting large-scale trials in Chiba Lake. China's Tsinghua University and other units have also conducted certain research. Preliminary results indicate that algae growth (50% reduction) can be severely inhibited by ultrasonic treatment at the appropriate frequency and intensity for 5 min. The remarkable advantages of high efficiency, rapidity, simplicity, and no secondary pollution make the ultrasonic algae inhibition and algae have great appeal. Ultrasound refers to sound waves with a frequency above 16 kHz. It is an elastic mechanical wave in a material medium that produces a series of conditions close to extremes in water, such as acceleration beyond gravity.

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The mechanism of ultrasonic algae removal is to destroy cell wall, destroy air cells and destroy active enzymes. High-intensity ultrasound can destroy the cell wall of organism and make the material flow out of the cell, which has been used in industry. The special structure of algae cells is a cell which accounts for about half of the cell volume. The cells control the movement of algae cells. The shock wave, jet and radiation pressure caused by ultrasound may damage the cells. At appropriate frequencies, air cells can even become cavitating bubbles and burst. At the same time, high temperature, high pressure and a large number of free radicals produced by cavitation can destroy the active enzymes and substances in algae cells, thus affecting the physiological activity of cells. In addition, the chemical effects induced by ultrasound can also decompose algal cell secretions and metabolites such as algal toxins. Ultrasound is influenced by many factors, the most important of which is frequency and intensity.

Equipment features:

1. Automatic frequency tracking (AFC).

2. Transducer protection circuit.

3. Automatic current limiting circuit.

4. The constant amplitude system can compensate the amplitude automatically for different load changes.

5. Its driving circuit.

6. Power IGBT is used for power drive.

7. Overcurrent protection and frequency lock-out protection.

8. Human-computer interaction, digital setting, simple operation.

Equipment parameters:

Specific parameters are determined by customization requirements of customer product selection. Different equipment types have different parameters. Examples of parameter configuration are as follows:

1. Frequency: 15K, 18K, 20Khz, 25Khz, 28Khz, 35Khz, 40Khz and other models.

2. Power: 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 2000W, 3000W and other models.

Ultrasonic algae removal equipmentUltrasonic algae removal equipment