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Ultrasonic atomization equipment

Ultrasonic atomization equipment

1. Ultrasonic atomization spray principle Ultrasonic spray (atomization) is the use of the energy of ultrasonic waves to break up water or liquid to form tiny particles of several μm to more than 100 μm. Unlike conventional spray heads that rely on pressure and high-speed motion to pulverize liquid into small particles, the ultrasonic spray head uses a lower ultrasonic vibration energy for liquid atomization. The liquid can be delivered to the spray head by its own gravity or low pressure liquid pump and achieve continuous or intermittent atomization. 2. Advantages and prospects of ultrasonic atomization Compared with the conventional pressure nozzle, the liquid supply channel and the nozzle hole of the nozzle are relatively large, so as to achieve a non-blocking spray. Atomization

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Ultrasonic spray (atomization) is the use of ultrasonic energy to scatter water or liquid, forming tiny particles of several m to more than 100 m. Unlike the traditional spray heads that crush liquid into small particles depending on pressure and high-speed motion, ultrasonic atomizing heads use low ultrasonic vibration energy to atomized liquids. The liquid can be transported to the spray head through self gravity or low pressure liquid pump and continuous or intermittent atomization can be realized.

Characteristics of ultrasonic atomization

1. compared with the traditional pressure sprinkler, the nozzle and nozzle are relatively large, so as to achieve non clogging spray.

2. The size of atomized particles is basically a function of working frequency. The higher the frequency, the smaller the atomized particles.

3. Used for air humidification, liquid granulation, mixing, chemical reaction promotion, spraying and other purposes.

Application Case of Ultrasound Atomization

1. The glass film prepared by ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment is uniform and compact. In addition, the preparation process of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment is low cost, high preparation efficiency and high output. It can be used for discolored glass, refractive glass and fingerprint-proof glass.

2. The film solvents that will be produced by the ultrasonic spraying equipment will be transferred to the atomizing head through the liquid channel of the ultrasonic spraying equipment. The film solvents will be uniform and have shape by controlling the spraying range through aeration, which will be dispersed to the micron or even nanometer level particles by the action of ultrasonic wave and high frequency oscillation. The film prepared by this method not only has a high degree of adherence to glass, but also has a clearer image than the display made by common hard film method.

3. Ultrasound atomization equipment can make the solute precipitate in a short time, make the oxide particles mostly spherical, good fluidity, easy powder forming and so on. The obtained particles are fine and uniform in composition. Because of the short drying time, the whole process is completed quickly, and the particles have no time to segregate in the reaction process, resulting in the formation of uniform ultrafine particles, and the composition of atomized particles is controllable.

4. Most of the time, solid particle mixtures can be atomized by ultrasonic atomization equipment. Solid particles can be dispersed in the atomized liquid under the action of ultrasonic wave, even coarse mud, which can be atomized at low speed to the nozzle. Pulverizing and drying in a short time can be realized by ultrasonic atomizing granulating equipment combined with high temperature drying furnace.

Ultrasonic atomization equipmentUltrasonic atomization equipment