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Characteristics and Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasound Metal Welding Machine


Advantages: The advantages of the ultrasonic metal welding machine are as follows:

1. Fast welding speed;

2. High welding strength;

3. Need less energy consumption;

4. Welding process is convenient and pollution-free, and no other auxiliary equipment is needed.

5. Welding equipment is small and easy to use.


(1) The two welded objects overlap and are joined by ultrasonic vibration pressure to form solid state. The bonding time is short, and the bonding part does not produce casting structure (rough surface) defects.

(2) Compared with resistance welding, ultrasonic welding has long service life, less repair and replacement time, and is easy to realize automation.

(3) Ultrasound welding can be carried out between the same metal and different metals, which consumes much less energy than electric welding.

(4) Compared with other pressure welding, ultrasonic welding requires less pressure and less than 10% of the variant, while cold welding requires 40% - 90% of the workpiece deformation.

(5) Ultrasound welding does not require pretreatment of the welded surface and post-treatment of the welded surface as other welding.

(6) No external factors such as flux, metal filler and external heating are needed for ultrasonic welding.

(7) Ultrasound welding can reduce the temperature effect of the material (the temperature of the welding zone is not more than 50% of the melting temperature of the welded metal), so it does not change the structure of the metal, so it is very suitable for welding applications in the electronic field. High fusion strength;

Close to cold processing, no annealing, no oxidation trace of the workpiece;

After welding, the electric conductivity is good, and the resistance coefficient is very low or near zero.

Low requirement for welded metal surface, oxidation or electroplating can be welded;

The welding time is short and no flux, gas or solder is needed.

Welding without spark, environmental protection and safety. It is the welded metal can not be too thick, solder joint can not be too large, need pressure.