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Principle of ultrasonic welding machine


1. Brief Introduction of Ultrasound Welding Machine

Ultrasound welding machine, English name is ultrasonic welding machine, is a kind of welding equipment using ultrasonic wave. According to the degree of welding automation, it can be divided into manual welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine and automatic welding machine. It is believed that with the development of science and technology, automatic welding will become an important development trend and will gradually occupy the market.

Two. Principle of ultrasonic welding machine

The working process of ultrasonic welding is as follows: Firstly, the signal generator sends out a fixed frequency signal (the fixed frequency is the working frequency of the sensor), which converts the sensor into electrical energy to produce high-frequency mechanical vibration, which acts on the welded object; secondly, because when the temperature is higher than the melting point, the vibration causes the surface temperature of the object to rise. Melting results in melting of the interface. The filling is completed, the mechanical vibration stops, the object is cooled and formed under a certain pressure, and the welding between the objects is completed.

Three. Welding Method of Ultrasound Welding Machine

Ultrasound welding machine adopts the above principle, but under the same working principle, the welding methods are different, such as welding method, willow welding method, embedded, spot welding and so on. Among them, the fusion method refers to the welding joint under high frequency vibration, which will cause friction heating and welding of the joint surface of two objects under appropriate pressure; the wicker welding method refers to the vibration of the welding joint, which will press the protruding part of the object into the shape of rivet, so it is the mechanical riveting of two objects; the pre-embedding method refers to the mechanical riveting of two objects. The metal parts are extruded into plastic holes under pressure and fixed to welded joints with a certain depth. Degree, like buried in the ground, fixed planting. Spot welding refers to spot welding of objects that are not easy to design and can achieve welding effect.

IV. Application of Ultrasound Welding Machine

Compared with the traditional processes such as electric ironing, gluing and screw fixation, the ultrasonic welding machine has the characteristics of good quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It is mainly used for secondary bonding of thermoplastic materials. Ultrasound welding machine is widely used in machinery, automotive parts, fishing gear, packaging and other industries, such as self-sealing bags, plastic toys, wine bottle caps, charger shell, etc.