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Working Principle of Ultrasound Welding Machine


The working principle of ultrasonic welding machine is to convert high frequency signal from sensor to mechanical energy (i.e. high frequency mechanical vibration energy whose frequency exceeds human ear hearing) by oscillating circuit. Energy is transmitted to plastic workpieces through welded joints, which melt under hundreds of thousands of vibrations per second and severe friction of pressure. The transient pressure on the workpiece after the vibration stops makes the two weldments solidify through the molecular chain as a whole. Generally, the welding time is less than 1 second, and the welding strength obtained is equivalent to that obtained by conventional welding. Ultrasound plastic welding machine can be used for butt welding of thermoplastic, spot welding, embedding, cutting and other processing technology. The size and shape of the die are designed according to the appearance of the product.

In the case of using the ultrasonic welding machine, for the faulty ultrasonic plastic welding machine, should not start, should first inquire about the occurrence of faults and the phenomenon of faults. For unfamiliar ultrasonic plastic welding machine, we should be familiar with its circuit principle and structure characteristics, and abide by the corresponding rules. Removal funds should be fully familiar with the functions, locations, connection modes of electrical components and the relationship with other peripheral components. When no assembly drawings are available, they should be disassembled once, sketched and marked at the same time. Before inspecting the inside of the equipment, it is necessary to inspect the maintenance history of the ultrasonic equipment, the condition of ultrasonic welding, the temperature of the ultrasonic mould, the service life of the ultrasonic mould and so on. Before disassembly, the failure factors around the queue should be identified as the machine failure before disassembly. Otherwise, blindly disassembling the ultrasonic welding opportunities will make the equipment worse and worse. First, mechanical and electrical problems should be eliminated before electrical inspection. When checking the circuit fault, we should use the detector to find the fault location. After confirming that there is no bad contact fault, the working relationship between the circuit and the machine should be checked to avoid misjudgment. When the equipment of plastic welding machine is not energized, the quality of buttons, contactors, relays and fuses of electrical equipment is first judged by static state, and then judged by dynamic state to determine the fault. Electrical test, listen to its voice, touch, measure parameters, judge the fault, and repair later. First clean, then repair the ultrasonic welding machine. For seriously polluted electrical equipment, the buttons, connection points and contact points should be cleaned first to check whether the external control keys are out of order. Many failures are caused by dust and conductive dust blocks, which are usually eliminated after cleaning.