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Brief description of ultrasonic metal spot welding machine and its application


Ultrasound metal spot welding machine can connect two metals or two wires without melting. Vertical pressure is applied on the contact surface of the connected two metals to make the two metals clamp each other. Then, tens of kHz ultrasonic frequencies are excited along the direction tangent to the contact surface. Ultrasound metal spot welding machine needs ultrasonic generator, longitudinal vibrator, transmission rod, accumulator, welding tool joint and pressure device. Ultrasound metal spot welding machines generally output less power, ranging from 0.5W to tens of W, with frequencies ranging from 40 kWz to 60 kWz.

Scope of application of ultrasonic metal spot welding machine:

(1) Ultrasound metal spot welding machine is widely used in semiconductor lead welding machine and IC circuit welding. For example, ultrasonic welding of aluminium wires between silicon wafers and terminals. The diameter of the most commonly used aluminium conductor is generally between 25-500 m, the working frequency is about 60 kWz, the output power of the ultrasonic wave is about 0.03-5 W, and the welding time is about 25 ms (30 mA1 wire). In this welding, a fully automatic welding machine can monitor the welding position by camera.

(2) The welding of dielectric capacitors is the connection between positive or negative electrodes of point capacitors and components. Because there is no foreign body mixed by electrodes like electric welding, there is no need to worry about corrosion, because it has less contact resistance than riveting.

(3) Automotive electrical parts and other applications. Ultrasound welding is widely used in automotive electrical parts or electrical parts, such as excitation coil, twisted flexible wire and welding of junction group. Welding of non-crystalline alloy materials.

In recent years, amorphous alloys, one of the most attractive materials, have been used more and more widely. Some people believe that ultrasonic welding is also suitable for the welding of amorphous materials. It is not crystallized in a very short time to obtain high strength bonding. It also proves that ultrasonic welding is solid-phase welding.