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Ten Common Senses of Ultrasound Welding Machine


Ultrasound welding machine is a high technology for melting mature plastic products. Ultrasound welding can be used for all kinds of ripe plastic products. When welding plastic products, no adhesives, fillers or solvents are added, and a large number of heat sources are not consumed. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, high welding strength and productivity. Efficient. Therefore, the application of ultrasonic welding technology is more and more extensive. Because the use of ultrasonic welding machine is so extensive, then what is the necessary common sense of ultrasonic welding machine, small version to introduce you ten common sense.

Common sense 1:

When the power supply is connected, the ultrasonic welding machine can not be put into use immediately. Normal ultrasound takes two minutes to test before use.

Common sense 2:

Ultrasound welding head (upper die) can not pass the detection and identification when testing, please do not continue to use! Otherwise, burn off valuable components such as amplifier sensors!

Common sense 3:

Ensure that the compressed gas supplied is dry and clean. Check regularly whether the filter behind the ultrasonic welding machine is clean (if there is oil stain, please clean). Before replacing the ultrasonic welding head (upper die), it is necessary to check whether there are oxides (usually black or white) at the joint. If yes, please use 800 (or thinner) sandpaper to polish and clean with alcohol before installation. When installing, the assembly should be fastened without any loosening.

Common sense 4:

Ensure that the compressed gas supplied is dry and clean. Check regularly whether the filter behind the ultrasonic welding machine is clean (if there is oil stain, please clean).

Common sense 5:

Ultrasound welding head (upper die) can be detected by ultrasonic, but there is heating phenomenon in the use process. No matter how busy it is, it should stop using and continue to use until its natural condition is cooled. If there is heating in half an hour to two hours, ensure replacement.

Common sense 6:

For plastic parts with non-special structure (material), please adjust the "delay time" to the time before the ultrasonic welding head (upper die) contacts the plastic parts, and start to emit the ultrasonic wave. [If only the ultrasonic system is triggered by reaction force, adjust the switch to a very low power trigger point.

Common sense 7:

The power supply should be within 5% of 220VAC. At the same time, the metal grounding wire (usually double grounding) of the shell of the ultrasonic welding machine should adopt the regulated power supply as far as possible.

Common sense 8:

When welding plastic parts, if you hear abnormal noise, please stop working. Check whether there are cracks or good contacts in the sensor of ultrasonic welding head (upper mode) amplifier. If there is a crack, make sure

Replacement. If there is loosening, please tighten it relatively.

Common sense 9:

Pressing the detection button for a long time is not suitable for testing the frequency of the ultrasonic mould; when adjusting the frequency, do not press the detection button while adjusting the frequency knob.

Common sense 10:

The frequency of each ultrasonic welding head (upper die) needs to be adjusted before it is used. As long as it is replaced between the moulds it is no longer necessary to adjust the frequency one by one, but only to adjust the frequency of starting the moulds. Frequency adjustment is strictly prohibited after frequency adjustment and determination in the process of continuous use of supersonic mode.