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What do you need for a homemade ultrasonic spot welder?


Ultrasonic welding machine is a solid state welding method. The weldment is achieved by clamping the static force between the workpieces and the high frequency elastic vibration of the sound system. The frequency conversion device of the ultrasonic generator converts the ordinary frequency current into an oscillating current of the ultrasonic frequency, and the sensor converts the electric energy supplied by the generator into mechanical vibration energy by means of the "piezoelectric effect". The accumulator increases the amplitude and couples the load. The welded portion is subjected to a combination of elastic vibration energy and static pressure. The elastic vibration energy is transformed into deformation energy, thermal energy and friction energy between the workpieces, and an oxide film is formed on the surfaces of the two workpieces, thereby achieving friction welding. When different metal materials are welded, a mixed molecular interface is formed to generate an ultrasonic spot welding process for metallurgical welding.

2. Structure selection of ultrasonic spot welder

Ultrasonic spot welding machine is mainly composed of main components such as sensor system, frame, ultrasonic generator and machine head. Its subdivision configuration is as follows:

Sensor system:

It consists of a sensor, an intermediate amplifier and an accumulator (cutter head).


As the basis of the entire equipment, the frame is provided with an upper head, a rear pneumatic component and a control power supply in the lower right corner.

Ultrasonic generator:

The ultrasonic generator outputs 40 kHz of ultrasonic energy to the sensor. The ultrasonic generator features automatic frequency tracking, overload protection and ultrasonic transmission.

The generator panel has digital display, power switch, frequency measurement button, pneumatic test, indicator light and power indication, as follows:

Power switch: Same as the power off or on at the back of the control box.

Power indicator: When the light is on, the power of the welder is normal.

Frequency measurement button: Replace the welding head.

Air pressure test: The welding head is leveled.

The ultrasonic generator has sockets and binding posts on the rear panel as follows:

Power socket: output 220v/50kHz

10A fuse holder: sensor

Operation indicator: The ultrasonic spot welder is working properly.

Output applause indicator: When turned on, it indicates that the output is over current. It is automatically protected and has no power output.

Solder, Hold Time, Output Power, Preload: Panel button settings are the same.

Output socket: Connect the sensor. Due to the different colors of the two core wires and the plug core wire, the generator will be damaged if it is made. Therefore, users are not allowed to change their energy by themselves. Connect the core wire and the plug core wire.

Grounding post: Due to the high voltage in the power generation system, in order to ensure the safe use of the generator, it must be grounded.

Machine head:

The head of the machine acts as a fixed support for the energy exchange system and is equipped with a pressurizing device, a conductive device and an upper limit structure.

three. Selection of technical indicators for ultrasonic spot welding machine

Ultrasonic generator maximum output power xy-1000W

Upper pole maximum working stroke 15 mm

Welding time 0.05~1s

Welding ability. Copper about 0.15+0.15

Aluminum is about 0.5+0.5

Nickel is about 0.2+0.2

Ultrasound frequency: about 40kHz

Power supply 220 volts / 50 Hz

Gas supply (>0.5Mpa)

Control mode CPU control

Dimensions 900 x 600 x 1050 mm