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How to use ultrasonic spot welder


Methods as below:

Preparation before use:

1. The operator should know in advance the working principle of the ultrasonic welder and the functions of the various switches, indicators and displays.

2. Open the box and remove the anti-rust oil. When moving the equipment, concentrate on the steel frame and do not concentrate on the panel to move the whole machine.

3. The equipment is placed in an environment where the ambient temperature is 0~40 degrees Celsius, the indoor air is dry, dust-free, non-corrosive gas, and vibration is small.


1. Connect the ground wire - connect the power supply - connect the air source - turn off the power, the indicator light is on.

2. Turn on the generator power switch, the power indicator light is on, the output fault indicator is slightly bright, and the power supply is adjusted.

Keep the knob in a small position.

3. In use, for some reason, the output fault indicator lights up, causing overcurrent protection. At this time, turn off the power adjustment knob counterclockwise, the power is reduced, and the power is turned on.

4. When the sensor is not loaded, it is not allowed to turn on the generator for a long time, otherwise it will be easily damaged by heat.

5. During normal welding, the workpiece to be welded is clamped to the welding fixture, and the foot switch is pressed once for welding.

6. Adjust the "Welding Time" knob to increase the clockwise welding time and reduce the counterclockwise welding time.

7. Power, time and pressure are three important factors in a welding system. Different specifications require different power. Time and pressure need to be adjusted repeatedly to achieve better process specifications.

8. After use, turn off the power switch.

Maintenance method in case of failure:

1. The reasons for improper soldering are: the power setting is too low, the soldering time is too short or too long. It is recommended to increase the output power and update the set welding time.

2. Fuse disconnected at start-up: It is recommended to replace the power tube and pier due to the disconnection of the power tube and the burning of the pier.

3. The welded non-power output pedal switch is damaged and the pedal switch is replaced.

4. When the ultrasonic generator is turned on, the power indicator does not light, causing poor contact of the power switch, power failure, and the power fuse is disconnected. The power switch must be replaced or repeatedly pushed to replace the fuse.