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Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine advantages


Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine principle - ultrasonic wire harness welding machine ultrasonic wire harness welding machine automobile wire harness welding machine ultrasonic metal welding machine ultrasonic metal spot welding machine ultrasonic metal welding machine non-ferrous metal welding, all vibration, any sound depends on vibration. This is a momentary impulse. Human ears can only detect a specific range of sounds up to 18,000 (18K) Hertz. Higher frequency sounds are called ultrasound. Ultrasonic waves can generate high frequency vibrations. With this vibration, we can easily weld non-ferrous metals.

Ultrasonic wire harnesses use this principle to weld wires. It consists of a power box, a sensor, a pneumatic main unit and a cutter head. In addition, control components such as a hub, a wire measuring device, and a microprocessor are also included. The power box converts the normal external voltage (220V, 1, 50 or 60Hz) into 20000Hz (20kHz), 1000V voltage, and is controlled by the power box to output to the sensor. A sensor is a highly efficient electronic component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Compared with ordinary motors, the sensor has two main differences: one is to convert electrical energy into linear vibration instead of rotating; the other is high efficiency, which can convert 95% of electrical energy. After the sensor is switched, mechanical energy is applied to the soldering tip. The ultrasonic welding head is made of titanium alloy and is machined into a specific shape according to the acoustic principle to ensure maximum energy transfer.

The advantages of the ultrasonic wire harness welder are as follows:

1. No need to use solder paste or flux, the life of the cutter head is longer than that of pressure welding. Tin or resistance welding is better

2. Advanced process control and touch screen controllers for displaying and monitoring ultrasonic metal welding parameters to maintain the highest standards of welding quality.

3. Small size, light weight, the same type of wire harness has a plate-to-desk interchange function, and the cost is low. Heart and spare parts, welding cross section from 0.2 square millimeters to 40 square millimeters.

4. The operation is safe and stable, the automatic proofreading function is convenient to maintain, the operation is simple, and the replacement tool is convenient. Fast and safe, the structure is simple and accurate.

5. System integration, constant welding parameters to ensure welding quality.

6. No skilled workers are required, and equipment use takes only one day of training.

7. Mold replacement is quick and easy, eliminating the need for recalibration, reducing downtime and production cost. Easy to install, maintain and operate.

8. No igniting welding, close to cold welding