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The composition and function of ultrasonic plastic welding machine (2)


The last time we talked about the pneumatic system and control system of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, we said today the ultrasonic generator of the ultrasonic welding machine, change Energy and tool heads and mechanical devices. 1. Acoustic generator Ultrasonic generator for ultrasonic welding is currently used in the following two forms: (1) Ultrasonic plastic welding machine with high power, generator signal is usually adopted The cable-phase frequency automatic tracking circuit makes the output frequency of the generator substantially coincide with the resonant frequency of the transducer. The final stage power amplifier uses a VMOSD class amplifier. Ultrasonic generators with powers above 1 kW often use power synthesis circuits. (2) The generator for ultrasonic plastic welding machine with power below 500W often uses a self-excited power oscillator and also has a certain frequency tracking capability. 2. Acoustic system used by Cheng Shengbo plastic welding machine (1) Transducer The acoustic system for ultrasonic plastic welding machine consists of three parts: a, driving part; b, fixed part ;c, work part. For small and medium-sized highway ultrasonic transducers, the driving portion is usually combined with the fixed portion, or the fixed portion is combined with the working portion, thereby reducing the volume and reducing the weight. Among the above three components, the drive is the core, and generally uses a bolt-clamped longitudinal vibration transducer with a half-wavelength longitudinal vibrator and a quarter-wavelength longitudinal vibrator. The half-wavelength longitudinal vibrator is connected to the half-wavelength concentrator to form a full-wavelength plastic welding transducer. The quarter-wavelength longitudinal vibrator is connected to a quarter-wave concentrator to form a half-wavelength transducer. (2) The tool head requires different tool heads for different welding objects. Whether it is near-field welding or transmission welding (far field), only half-wavelength tool heads can be used to achieve the desired amplitude using the welded end faces. The tool head has two types of amplitude amplification and amplitude amplification. The ultrasonic system welding machine uses the sound system tool head. The material used is usually aluminum alloy. The end face is plated with hard alloy. When the power is high, it is also made of titanium alloy material. The fatigue strength of the material is more than double that of the aluminum alloy. Here, the composition of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine and its role in Xiaobian will be introduced to everyone, thank you.