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The composition and function of ultrasonic plastic welding machine (1)


The ultrasonic plastic welding machine consists of a pneumatic transmission system, a control system, an ultrasonic generator, a transducer, a tool head and a mechanical device. 1. Pneumatic system The pneumatic system includes: three joints (filter, pressure reducing valve, oil mister), commutator, throttle valve, cylinder. The working process is as follows. First, the stroke cylinder is driven by the air compressor to drive the ultrasonic transducer vibration system to move up and down. In the ultrasonic welding of medium and small power, the power pressure is required to be 59N/cm2. In actual work, the air pressure is very suitable for welding. The cylinder stroke (the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration system) is generally from a few millimeters to a few hundred millimeters. 2. Control System The control system consists of a time relay or a time timer of the integrated circuit. His main functions: First, control the operation of the pneumatic transmission system, so that the pneumatic valve is opened under the timing control during the welding, the pressure of the cylinder is lowered to lower the welding head, and the workpiece is pressed under a certain pressure, and the welding can be ensured after the welding is completed. Pressing for a period of time, then the control system reverses the gas path valve to bring the welding head back up and reset; the second is to control the working time of the ultrasonic generator. This system automates the entire welding system. The operator can automatically complete the entire process of the welding by simply starting the button to generate a trigger pulse. The order of the whole control system is: power start → trigger control signal → pneumatic drive system work, cylinder pressure weld head drops and presses the weldment → triggers the operation of the ultrasonic generator, emits ultrasonic waves and maintains a certain welding time → removes the ultrasonic emission → continues Maintain a certain pressure event → depressurize, the weld head rises → the end of welding. This time, about the composition and function of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, Xiaobian will first talk about it here, and the rest of the next time we will see you again.