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How to Use the Ultrasound Welding Machine Correctly


At present, ultrasonic welding machine welding various plastic parts has been very popular, but how to use the ultrasonic welding machine correctly, what matters need attention? Next, the correct steps to use the ultrasonic welding machine will be introduced.

Prepare for use:

1) After the arrival of the ultrasonic welding machine, unpacking, inspecting the controller, indicator and surface for signs of damage, and checking for loosening everywhere.

2) Plastic welding machine should be placed on a solid workbench. It is required that the welding machine be at least 0.2 meters away from the heat source, and that there is no obstacle at the top of the shell, so that the welding machine can discharge gas without obstacle.

3) Check the voltage requirement of the sign on the back of the control box to ensure the good performance of the system.

4) Turn on the machine power supply and air source, and turn off the power switch.

5) Air pipeline is connected with clean compressed air source without lubricating oil. The pressure is gauge pressure, i.e. 0.7 MPa.

6) Adjust the descent speed controller to a lower position and the pressure regulator to 0.2 MPa.

Die Installation Skills:

1) Loosen the lock handle of the frame and lift it to a certain height (depending on the die).

2) Twist the lifting adjustment screw to a very low level.

3) Install the mould (horn) and tighten it. Press the drop switch to lower the die.

4) Place the bottom die and the parts to be welded.

5) Rotate the lifting handwheel, press the lifting switch after contacting the welded parts, lift the upper die, rotate the lifting handwheel, then drop 1-2 mm, lock the handle.

6) Press the up switch and then drop it 1-2 times. After confirming the accuracy of the frame, the lower die is put back in place.

7) After the lower die is fixed, let the body press down the lower die and lock it to avoid setting offset.

8) After the lower die is fixed, press the rising switch and separate the upper and lower modes.

9) When the upper and lower dies are not parallel, the adjustable workbench board (general workbench board has been adjusted when it leaves the factory, without special circumstances, not adjusted). Adjustment method: First loosen the locking screw of four worktables, adjust the lifting nut of four knurling, make the upper and lower die parallel, and then tighten the four locking screw.