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Ultrasonic energy cleaning machine

Ultrasonic energy cleaning machine

The concentrating ultrasonic cleaning machine refers to an ultrasonic cleaning machine with high power density and low ultrasonic frequency (15 kHz). Mainly used for cleaning difficult and demanding occasions, such as the spinneret of the chemical fiber industry and the cleaning of the filter core, 80% is the use of the energy is the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The energy-absorbing ultrasonic cleaning equipment is mainly used in the chemical fiber industry. Spinning plate cleaning, non-woven cleaning, etc. have the advantages of good cleaning effect and high efficiency compared with ordinary ultrasonic cleaning.

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The concentrating type ultrasonic cleaner refers to the high power density and low ultrasonic frequency. Mainly used for cleaning difficult, demanding occasions, such as chemical fiber industry spinneret and filter core cleaning.

Equipment features:

1. Automatic frequency tracking (AFC).

2. Transducer protection circuit.

3. Automatic current limiting circuit.

4. The constant amplitude system can compensate the amplitude automatically for different load changes.

5. Its driving circuit.

6. Power IGBT is used for power drive.

7. Overcurrent protection and frequency lock-out protection.

8. Human-computer interaction, digital setting, simple operation.

Equipment parameters:

Specific parameters are determined by customization requirements of customer product selection. Different equipment types have different parameters. Examples of parameter configuration are as follows:

1. Frequency: 15K, 18K, 20Khz, 25Khz, 28Khz, 35Khz, 40Khz and other models.

2. Power: 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 2000W, 3000W and other models.

The energy-accumulating ultrasonic cleaning equipment is mainly used in the chemical fiber industry. It has better cleaning effect and faster efficiency for spinneret cleaning and non-woven cleaning than ordinary ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic energy cleaning machineUltrasonic energy cleaning machineUltrasonic energy cleaning machine