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  • Ultrasonic extraction equipment

    Ultrasonic extraction equipment

    Ultrasonic extraction uses multi-stage effects such as strong cavitation effects, mechanical vibration, disturbance effects, high acc

  • Ultrasonic dispersion equipment

    Ultrasonic dispersion equipment

    1. Introduction The most prominent and widely known role of power ultrasound in liquids is the dispersion effect. The d

  • Ultrasonic cell disruptor

    Ultrasonic cell disruptor

    1. Introduction Ultrasonic cell disruption device converts electrical energy into acoustic energy through a transducer. This energy i

  • Ultrasonic emulsification equipment

    Ultrasonic emulsification equipment

    1. Introduction Ultrasonic emulsification refers to the mixing of two (or more) non-phase solutions under the action of ultrasonic en

  • Ultrasonic graphene dispersion equipment

    Ultrasonic graphene dispersion equipment

    At present, the preparation of graphene dispersion from reduced graphite oxide is mainly divided into three types of methods: first,

  • Ultrasonic algae removal equipment

    Ultrasonic algae removal equipment

    In the 1990s, Japan began research on ultrasonic algae-killing and algae-killing techniques, and is currently conducting large-scale

  • Ultrasonic energy cleaning machine

    Ultrasonic energy cleaning machine

    The concentrating ultrasonic cleaning machine refers to an ultrasonic cleaning machine with high power density and low ultrasonic fre

  • Ultrasonic sonochemical equipment

    Ultrasonic sonochemical equipment

    Ultrasonic sonochemistry 1. Overview of Guosheng ultrasonic sonochemical equipment: As a physical tool and tool, ultrasonic chemical