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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine equipment features: 1. Dual-core 32-bit CPU full CNC system, high speed, high precision, high reliability. 2. High-precision frequency synthesis technology, fully automatic frequency tracking, no need to manually adjust the mold, adapt to various complex environments. 3 High-precision digital auto-tuning and storage (AT/M): Provides fully automatic frequency modulation. The welding head frequency is automatically detected at the start, and the frequency of the welding head is automatically stored after each welding. 4. Welding amplitude 10%-100% adjustable (1% accuracy), amplitude step control 5. Power supply with servo voltage control, amplitude automatic compensation, completely overcome the power supply

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Characteristics of ultrasonic plastic welding machine equipment:

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Ultrasound plastic welding machine, when welding plastic products, does not need to add adhesives, fillers or solvents, and does not consume a large number of heat sources. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, high welding strength and high production efficiency.

Working Principle of Ultrasound Plastic Welding Machine

When ultrasound acts on the thermoplastic plastic interface, it produces tens of thousands of high-frequency vibration per second. This kind of high-frequency vibration reaches a certain amplitude. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding area through the upper weldment. Because the acoustic resistance of the welding area, i.e. the interface between the two welds, is high, local high temperature will be generated. Because of the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, it can not be distributed in time and gathered in the welding area, resulting in the rapid melting of the contact surface of the two plastics, together with a certain pressure, to make them merge into one. When the ultrasound stops working, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to solidify and form a solid molecular chain, so as to achieve the purpose of welding, the welding strength can be close to the strength of raw materials. The quality of ultrasonic plastic welding depends on the amplitude of the transducer welding joint, the pressure applied and the welding time. The welding time and the welding pressure can be adjusted, and the amplitude is determined by the transducer and the horn. These three quantities have a suitable value for each other. When the energy exceeds the appropriate value, the melting amount of plastics will be large, and the weld will be easily deformed. If the energy is small, it will not be easy to weld fast, and the pressure will be the same. When the energy exceeds the appropriate value, the melting amount of plastics will be large, and the weld will be easily deformed, but if it is small, it will not be easy to weld fast.

Ultrasound Plastic Welding Method

1. Welding method: Ultrasound vibration transmits the ultrasonic wave to the weldment along with the welding head. Because of the high acoustic resistance at the two weldments, local high temperature is generated, which causes the interface melting of the weldment. Under certain pressure, the two weldments can achieve beautiful, fast and firm welding effect.

2. Embedding method: to make nuts or other metals want to be embedded in plastic workpieces. First, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the metal, which is directly embedded in the plastic by high-speed vibration. At the same time, the plastic is melted and embedded after solidification.

3. Riveting method: In order to make metal and plastic or two pieces of plastic with different properties joined together, ultrasonic riveting method can be used to make weldments not easy to embrittle, beautiful and firm.

4. Spot welding method: two large plastic products are welded separately by using small welding heads, or the whole row of toothed welding heads are directly pressed on two plastic workpieces, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.

5. Forming method: The plastic workpiece is instantly melted and formed by ultrasonic wave. When the plastic solidifies, it can make the plastic of metal or other material firm.

6. Excision method: Using the design structure of welding head and base, when plastic workpiece is just ejected, it is directly pressed on the branch of plastic, and the effect of excision is achieved by ultrasonic transmission.

Application Industry and Scope of Ultrasound Plastic Welding Machine

1. Household appliances equipment industry: With the rapid development of household appliances industry, the requirements for conventional plastic welding are constantly improving. More and more ultrasonic plastic welding machines are used in household appliances, such as steam iron, water dispenser plastic plate, television shell, transparent panel of radio and tape recorder, rocker, portable fluorescent lamp shade, squeezing. Juice machine plastic frame, vacuum cleaner parts, shaver housing, TV housing screw holder, mosquito lamp housing, washing machine dewatering tank, etc.

2. Electronics and Electrical Industry: Electrical and electronic products have strong renewal and replacement, and the requirement for the fusion of plastic parts is getting higher and higher. And the ultrasonic welding technology adapts to the high demand of the electronic and electrical industry. The electronic equipments and accessories of the ultrasonic welding machine are: battery case, charger, valve-controlled sealed maintenance lead-acid battery, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, videotape disk, computer, electronic watch, mobile phone, MP3, disk, mobile phone battery, charger, mobile phone shell, setter, open.  Close socket, prepaid water meter, communication equipment, cordless telephone, mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth mobile phone case, etc.

3. Stationery and toys industry: Stationery and toys industry pays more and more attention to the environmental protection of commodities. Because of the use of ultrasonic welding technology, the products are clean, firm, free of glue, screw, adhesives or other ancillary products to meet customer needs, and reduce production costs. It is often used in welding and welding of key chains, mobile phone accessories, toy eyes, toy nipples, flash balls, ink cartridges, folders, business card clips, photo albums, semicircles, etc.

4. Packaging industry: In packaging industry, many ultrasonic welding technologies are used, such as sealing of hoses, welding of packing tapes, welding of air filter bags, welding of water treatment polypropylene filter bags, sealing and welding of non-woven handbags, corrugated containers, etc. Ultrasound welding is a good helper in packaging industry. Anti-counterfeiting wine bottle cap, nail scissors, self-sealing bags, shopping handbags, toothpick boxes, paper cups, instant noodles paper bowls, dairy packaging boxes, etc.    

5. Textile industry: Ultrasound welding technology is mainly applied to non-woven fabrics in textile industry. Non-woven fabrics suitable for ultrasonic welding include garment lace, backpack, handbag, curtain, raincoat, bed cover, pillow cover, automobile cover, mask, packing belt, operating clothes, chair cover, quilt cover, protective clothing, jewelry, umbrella, etc. Lampshades, toys, gloves, table towels, etc.

6. Jewelry industry: Ultrasound welding machine is used for daily necessities, such as frame, keys, plastic lighter, toothpick box, suitcase, seat sealed container, hollow plate box, jewelry box, cosmetics box, Christmas jewelry, hair accessories, lunch box, inner loose box, etc. Ultrasound welding has a good effect on PUC, PMMA, PS, PPS, PBT, ABS, PP, PE, PC, PETG and other plastics commodities.   

7. Consumables communication industry: ink cartridges, telephone sets, mobile phone chargers, power adapters, communication equipment nuts embedded, plastic consumables, tapes, selenium drums, printers, fax machines, mobile phone shells and so on.  

8. Automobile Parts Industry: Welding is the key link in automobile manufacturing. More and more ultrasonic plastic welding machines are used for plastic parts in automobiles. For example: airbag, dashboard, sunshade, on-board water dispenser, tail lamp, expansion water tank, window motor, built-in sound, footpad, door panel, clutch pull fork, spare tire box, bumper, filter, front baffle, brake oil cup, manufacture of body plastic parts, automobile door, automobile instrument, automobile lamp, car mirror, inside Welding of accessories, reflective materials, reflective track nails, cables, plastic filters for motorcycles, radiators, brake tanks, oil cups, water tanks, oil tanks, air ducts, tail gas purifiers, tray filters, etc.