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Ultrasonic spraying equipment

Ultrasonic spraying equipment

1. Ultrasonic spraying Introduction Ultrasonic atomizing spraying equipment has gradually replaced traditional pressure spraying equipment and is widely used in industrial, medical, scientific research and development fields. The ultrasonic atomizing spraying equipment uses ultrasonic vibration to atomize and atomize the liquid into micron-sized particles, and the spraying is more uniform and compact. Ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment Ultrasonic atomizing spraying technology is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional pressure spraying technology, and is more precise in the preparation process. Ultrasonic plane spraying equipment is specially developed for glass, thin film batteries, touch screens, fuel cells, nano materials, etc., with high spraying efficiency, low flow rate (controllable), spraying

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Ultrasound spraying equipment is to use ultrasonic vibration to disperse and atomize liquid into micron-sized particles, spraying uniformly and densely. Compared with traditional pressure spraying technology, ultrasonic spraying technology of ultrasonic spraying equipment can save energy. The ultrasonic plane spraying equipment is a spraying equipment developed for glass, thin film battery, touch screen, fuel cell, nano-materials, etc. It has the characteristics of high spraying efficiency, low flow rate (controllable), uniform spraying coating, small atomized particles and heating. Compared with traditional spraying methods such as high pressure spraying, the ultrasonic plane spraying equipment can control the speed and flow of spraying, so there will be no waste phenomenon such as sputtering in the spraying process, which can save solution, reduce production costs and reduce environmental pollution.

Application fields of ultrasonic spraying

Ultrasound spraying equipment is suitable for industrial, electronic, energy, medical, glass, food, textiles, nanotechnology and other fields. In addition, the ultrasonic atomization spray equipment can also be used in the following fields: granulation, nano scale dispersion, spray drying, film spraying, humidifying stent, catheter and balloon coating.

Characteristics of ultrasonic spraying equipment

1. Multiple atomizing heads are optional

2. The spraying effect is stable.

3. Atomized particles reach micron scale

4. The coatings prepared are more uniform and compact.

5. There will be no blockage in long-term use.

6. Spraying effect has nothing to do with the viscosity of treated liquid.

Case Study of Ultrasound Spraying

1. Fuel cell: The coating of fuel cell membrane electrodes made by ultrasonic plane spraying equipment can reduce the loss of coating, reduce environmental pollution, control the intensity of atomization, improve the atomization effect of spraying, and improve the quality of coating.

2. Solar cells: The film formed by ultrasonic planar atomization spraying equipment is uniform, thick, and the light absorption efficiency is improved. At the same time, the conductive channel is improved, the collection and transport efficiency of photogenerated carriers is improved, so that the solar cells have higher light absorption rate, light energy conversion rate and current density.

3. Thin film batteries: The preparation of membrane electrodes by ultrasonic spraying is easy to operate, slurry is not easy to waste, film thickness can be controlled, and equipment cost is low. It has great application value for wide-scale promotion. Another advantage of ultrasonic spraying is that it can reduce the amount of binder in slurry, increase the porosity of membrane electrode, thus increase the capacitance of space charge layer on semiconductor surface, so the flat-band potential of membrane electrode is increased.

Ultrasonic spraying equipment