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Application of Ultrasound Welding Machine


Application Range of Ultrasound Welding Machine

1. Plastic toys, water guns, aquarium games, children's dolls, plastic gifts, etc.

2. Electronic products: recorder, tape box and core wheel, disk box, mobile phone battery board and rectifier transformer, switch socket, remote control, electronic mosquito nets, imitation bottle cap, etc.

3. Household appliances: electronic clocks, drums, steam ironing water tanks, electric kettles, computers, etc.

4. Stationery daily necessities: stationery box, fishbowl ruler, seam sleeve, penholder, cosmetic box box, toothpaste tube tail seal, cosmetic mirror, insulating cup, lighter, condiment bottle and other sealed containers.

5. Cars and motorcycles: batteries, headlights, taillights, meters, mirrors, etc.

6. Application of sports industry: table tennis, table tennis racket, badminton racket, tennis racket, golf club, billiard table, treadmill drum rope skipping grip treadmill, treadmill accessories, jumping box, gymnastic mat, boxing gloves, boxing sandbags, Sanda protector, road signs, X-frame and Chaozhou also widely use other sports equipment. Acoustic plastic spot welding machine.

7. Metal machinery parts, bearings, pneumatic components, electronic equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment, gold and silver jewelry and parts pre-plating ultrasonic cleaning machine. The power range is from 100W to 5000W. Special non-standard models such as trough type, immersion type, heating type, high density and low frequency can also be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.

8. Ultrasound lace crusher, ultrasonic cotton forming machine, ultrasonic lace machine and ultrasonic mask stiffening board are new production technologies in textile and apparel industry, which can help the industry to improve product grade, production efficiency and red color. UCE working strength.