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Application Range and Structural Characteristics of Ultrasound Wire Harness Welding Machine


Ultrasound wire harness welding machine is mainly used for single-strand and multi-strand enameled wire, tin-plated copper wire, etc. Welding between metal terminals, automobile wiring harness, electrical wiring harness and motor wiring harness. Automobile wiring harness, relay, automobile copper wiring harness, automobile wiring harness terminal, motorcycle wiring harness, electric vehicle wiring harness, multi-strand closer wiring harness and wiring arrangement, electrical wiring harness, electrical wiring terminal, solid copper core and rare metal alloy wire, copper alloy wire harness, engine wiring harness, motor wiring harness, safe balloon wiring harness Metal braided wire, golden curved stranded wire, accumulator wire, multi-strand copper wire, motor wire, cable, terminal connection, sensor connection, computer interface connection, wire harness rod, copper wire, lead and other products. Copper wire harness, aluminium wire harness, copper alloy wire harness, steam year wire east, wire, wire, cable, copper wire, lead, connection, copper wire, connection wire, battery wire, braided copper wire (copper wire) and terminal, copper plate, end plate, copper navigation plate and electronic components are welded together. Eastern end welding of metal wire has been widely used in automobiles and motorcycles. Brackets, electronic equipment, electrical appliances, solar energy, batteries, power, power supply, instrument position watches, housekeeping and other industries.

Structural characteristics:

The ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is composed of ultrasonic motor and ultrasonic power supply.

1. Machine table organic box, guide pillar, sensor, pneumatic system, PC circuit, bottom module become

2. Acoustic components include sensors and welded joints. The application of piezoelectric vibration in sensors is to convert electrical energy into mechanical vibration. A converter is similar to a transformer in a circuit. It plays the role of mechanical damping transformation and amplitude amplification. Welded joints are designed according to welding requirements and shape of welded parts. It also plays the role of second-order impedance transformation and amplitude amplification. From the point of view of structure and shape, the welding head is not complicated, but it needs good design, good material and good processing technology. The design of welded joints with complex shape and large size is very difficult, which is usually designed by the manufacturer.

3. The pneumatic system is driven by compressed air and driven by solenoid valve switch circuit. The piston of the moving cylinder drives the welding joint up and down. Pressure regulator is used to control pressure and unidirectional joint is used. Flow valve controls lifting speed.

4. control circuit

The welding process is programmed by the control circuit. The function keys on the panel can set the welding time and delay time according to different welding objects, and then press the foot switch, the welding machine will be completed automatically. Secondary welding process.

5. Ultrasound power generator provides power to the sound module. Because the resonant frequency and impedance of the acoustic components will change greatly during the welding process, and the ultrasonic power will be generated.

The speaker must have the ability of frequency automatic tracking, and the output power is automatically adjusted by the negative line.