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Key Points of Ultrasound Welding Machine


Ultrasonic welding machine operation points:

The working principle of the machine is as follows: 220 V/50 Hz power supply is converted into 20 KHz or 15 KHz high voltage power supply. Sensors are used to convert mechanical energy. Mechanical vibration is amplified by two magnetic poles and transmitted to the processed product through the welding head. The influence of pressure friction welding on the contact surface of workpiece is produced by the use of air pressure.

Installation sequence:

A: Connect the three cables on the rack to the base and the socket of the generator respectively, and tighten them.

B: Install the sensor system and tighten the fixing screw.

C: Adjust the height of the frame and tighten the fixed handle of the body.

D: Observe whether the emergency stop switch on the base is reset. If not, please reset it.

E: Connect the air supply and power supply, and the cable.

F: Clean the contact surface between the welding head and the secondary rod, apply a small amount of silicone oil or butter on both ends, screw the screw into the welding head and tighten it, then connect the welding head with the slaughter screw of the secondary rod, and lock it with the steel plate ha. neodymium

G: Before operation, ensure that the generator frequency is consistent with the mechanical resonance frequency of the sensor system. Especially after replacing the welding head or changing the output amplitude, it should not be neglected.

Ultrasound detection:

In order to achieve the use effect and maintain the performance of the machine, it is very important to adjust the resonance between the generator and the sensor system.

A: Before tuning, make sure that the welding head and auxiliary rod are locked. When tuning, the welding head should not touch other objects.

B: Turn on the power switch and the power indicator is on.

C: Press the ultrasonic testing switch and look at the load meter. (If the ammeter pointer exceeds 30% or 2A, the time to press the ultrasonic test switch is very short.) Adjust the tuning inductance and rotate left and right until the minimum position of the load meter is displayed, usually between 5% and 15% or 300 ma-900 ma.

D: Because of clamping, the adjusting range of the tuning inductance is only 360 degrees. If the frequency of the welding head is far from that of 20 kHz or 15 kHz, the cover should be opened and the fixed position removed for adjustment.

Be careful:

(1) When adjusting the tuning inductance, the change of the load meter current does not represent the power output, but only the resonance between the generator and the sensor system. (The smaller the current, the greater the resonance.)

Good. If a large amplitude output is needed, the type of secondary pole can be changed. (15 kHz machine can also adjust the amplitude adjusting switch, but in the absence of ultrasound can not adjust the amplitude adjusting switch, in case. High pressure shock.)

(2): When the load meter is empty, it indicates the degree of resonance; when the load, it indicates the output energy.

(3) When tuning, if the overload indicator is on, the test switch should be loosened immediately. After 5 seconds, the tuning inductance should be adjusted, and then the ultrasonic detection should be carried out.

(4): Correct tuning is very important. If you can't reach the normal state, please refer to the Fault Detection Table. Can not be used reluctantly to avoid damage to the machine.