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Composition and Structure of Ultrasound Plastic Welding Machine


The ultrasonic plastic welding machine is composed of ultrasonic vibration system, protection circuit, ultrasonic energy conversion system, pneumatic system, frame, worktable and so on.

Erection sequence:

1. The welding machine should be installed on a solid horizontal table. The space behind the machine should be greater than 150 mm for ventilation and heat dissipation.

2. In order to ensure safe operation, the machine ensures reliable grounding and ground resistance is less than 4 ohms.

3. Insert the two ends of the control line of the three supports into the three-legged socket at the back of the welder respectively and tighten the nut.

4. Place the selection switch in a manual position.

5. Lock four lifting screw and fix the ultrasonic head, but don't exert too much force to avoid sliding teeth.

6. Clean up the contact surface between the upper welding die and the ultrasonic vibration head, connect it with a screw, and lock it with a random special wrench. Locking force distance is 25 Newton/m.

7. Connect the air pipe of the external gas source to the air filter of the welding machine.

Sound wave inspection procedures:

In order to give full play to the use effect of the welding machine and maintain the performance and safety of the welding machine, the vibration degree of the vibration system and the vibration system of the welding machine should be adjusted every time the welding die is used or replaced. Therefore, the acoustic detection procedure is very important.

A. Before inspection, the upper welding die and the ultrasonic vibration head are ensured to be locked. During inspection, the upper welding die shall not touch the workpiece.

B. Turn off the power switch and turn on the power indicator.

C. Open the door page of the side cover.

D. Press the selected switch to the position of the sound detection file and observe the indication value of the amperemeter. Each sound detection switch cannot be pressed continuously for more than 3 seconds.

E. Rotate the sound detection screw back and forth, so that the pointer of the amperemeter is in a low scale position. Note: The pointer of the amplitude meter can be adjusted below 1.2 (or 100) scale to ensure that the vibration system and vibration system of welding machine have good frequency spectrum vibration at low scale position.