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The main driving force of ultrasonic sonochemical reaction


Ultrasonic sonochemical reactions are the cause of sonochemical effects.

In fact, outside the city where all applications of power ultrasound are being applied, ultrasound is always an energy situation. When people use their power to influence certain media, their goal is to take some mutual influence mechanism through the medium of ultrasound. To make the latter's things, or creatures, etc., and thus choose the difference between power ultrasound technology. Whether such effects are physical or chemically super-dissociated vibrations is a physical process. Therefore, it is very artificial to use the concept of physics to express the mechanism of mutual influence (physical cause or reason). Each of these probation mechanisms is attributed to three types of mechanics, cold learning, and cavitation.

1. The mechanics mechanism has been said in the following about the sound wave theory. The sound field is the spatial distribution of the machine disturbance outside the sound media. In order to describe the type of machine to find, whether to use a variety of mechanical parameters such as pressure, strain or disturbance (such as pressure, tension, shear stress (elastic or viscous), swell, squeezing, rate warfare rate, etc. . In some cases, the ultrasonic effect is caused by one or more mechanical parameters. At this time, the physical causes of such ultrasonic effects are attributed to mechanical (or machine) mechanisms such as ultrasonic frequency taking. For 20 kHz, the displacement amplitude is 20 gm, then the acoustic velocity is determined by the acoustic theory. The acceleration rate is determined as 2.5 m/s and the battle is 3.2 10 m/s = 3.2 10 g (g is the gravity acceleration rate of the earth). ), indicating that the maximum acceleration rate of the medium particle at this time is 32,000 times the gravity acceleration rate. This will greatly increase the mass transfer effect outside the chemical reaction. It is especially important that outside the sound field with high radiation intensity, some nonlinear acoustic lines will become more important, and whether they can make important progress on the ultrasonic effect. offer. Compared with the sound radiation, the sound flow can be an important cause of the sonic capillary phenomenon, and the sonic capillary phenomenon is indispensable for the sonochemical reaction of the porous medium.

2. Cold learning mechanism

Ultrasound is in the process of media transmission, and its vibration energy is changed from medium to cold energy from time to time to increase its temperature.

Because the sound wave also guides the medium to produce an effect, and if the same temperature rise and the same effect are obtained by using other cooling measures, then we have a way to make the ultrasonic effect cause the cold effect. mechanism.