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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine welding method


1. Welding method: Ultrasonic vibration transmits ultrasonic waves to the weldment along with the welding head. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the two weldments, local high temperature is generated, and the weldment interface is melted. Under a certain pressure, the two weldments achieve an aesthetic, fast and strong welding effect.

2, implant (insert) method: nut or other metal to insert into the plastic workpiece. First, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the metal, and after high-speed vibration, the metal object is directly buried in the molded plastic, and the plastic is melted, and the solidified material is buried.

3, riveting method: To join metal and plastic or two plastics with different properties, ultrasonic riveting method can be used to make the welding parts not easy to be brittle, beautiful and strong.

4, spot welding method: the use of a small welding head to two points of large plastic products welded, or a whole row of toothed welding head directly pressed on two plastic parts, in order to achieve the effect of spot welding.

5. Molding method: The plastic workpiece is instantly melted by ultrasonic wave, and the metal or other material plastic can be solidified when the plastic is solidified.

6. Resection method: The special design method of the welding head and the base is used. When the plastic workpiece is just shot out, it is directly pressed on the branches of the plastic, and the effect of the resection is achieved by ultrasonic conduction.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine features:

1.IC precision control circuit, automatic overload protection system;

2. Adopt digital code fine control switch, 1/100 is set accurately;

3. Four-point balance adjustment, easy adjustment of the welding head;

4. American original vibrator, power output is stronger than peers;

5. There is resonance when there is no load or no load, no need to adjust the welding head frequency;

6. Rectangular column/cylinder optional, guide bearing, fine-tuning;

7. The turbine stroke is used to easily adjust the fuselage stroke, which solves the drawbacks of the conventional machine;

Aluminum/titanium alloy spokes, sound waves are strong and stable;

8. Self-contained welding workshop, using American Aerospace 7075, 6064 aluminum alloy material, durable;

9. It adopts electronic originals from Italy, Japan, USA, Korea, Germany and other factories with excellent performance and reliability.

10. Using the latest technology computer touch screen (computer fine film, computer circuit board, computer display) welding precision up to 0.1 millisecond error.