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Installation of ultrasonic metal spot welding machine


One. The structure and principle of ultrasonic metal spot welding machine:

1. The ultrasonic sensor has high power and good stability.

2. The whole machine is exquisitely designed and small in size.

3. The main parts are assembled by components.

4. Noise is low and the working environment is environmentally friendly.

Two. Installation matters:

1. Connect one end of the cable to the output control cable connector on the vibration cylinder, and the other end to the output control cable socket on the back of the box, then tighten.

2. Wipe the joint surface of the welded joint clean, connect it to the sensor of the vibration cylinder, and lock it with a wrench.

Note: When connecting, ensure that the two joints between the welding head and the sensor are re-combined and locked. Connecting screw should not be too long or sliding teeth can not be locked. Otherwise, the sound wave transmission will not be smooth and the machine will be damaged.

3. When loading and unloading the welded joints, make sure that the welded joints and sensors are locked separately with two wrenches. Part of the welded joint should not be locked or unloaded to avoid damaging the portable vibration cylinder.

4. After checking the installation of points 1 and 2, insert the power cord socket into the external power socket and pull the power switch, then the power indicator lights up.

5. Soft pressure acoustic wave control switch, when the sound wave is transmitted to the welding head, can hear the "squeak" sound, indicating that the machine works normally and can be put into use.

6. In case of abnormal operation of the ultrasonic metal spot welding machine, the equipment shall not be disassembled without authorization.

Then there are several considerations:

1. Ultrasound directly uses 220 volts of electricity, so the body should be properly grounded before electrification, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms.

2. When the voltage changes more than 10%, the AC regulator should be installed to ensure the high efficiency and safe operation of the ultrasonic welding machine.

3. Don't put your hand under the upper welding die after electrification in order to avoid high frequency vibration and high pressure damage.

4. When the ultrasonic wave is produced, the upper welding die shall not contact the lower welding die, fixture and worktable to avoid damaging the machine parts.

5. Before ultrasonic welding, make sure that the acoustic inspection is carried out first and the welding die is replaced. This work should not be neglected.

6. The design, processing and adjustment of welding die will damage the ultrasonic energy conversion system of welding machine.

7. Pneumatic system is a plastic product. Pressure requirements for external air sources should not exceed 0.5 MPa. Otherwise, it will lead to blasting or ignition.

8. When the frequency of ultrasonic welding is reduced, noise will be produced. It is recommended that long-term operators wear ear protectors.