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Welding characteristics of ultrasonic metal welding machine


The connection of ultrasonic metal welding for transistors, integrated circuits, dielectric capacitors and originals has been used for many years, but the power used by these metal welders is generally small, welding time is short, weldments The materials are thinner or thinner. The welding of the thicker wires between the main conductors (copper wire and copper wire, aluminum wire and aluminum wire) and the welding of metal plates (ultrasonic welding of aluminum plates or copper plates from a thickness of a few millimeters to 10 mm) Just getting started. 

A highly efficient and highly reliable welding method for ultrasonic metal welding has been proved. New ultrasonic spot welding, seam welding and butt welding are being actively researched and developed. If the ultrasonic welding technology is properly used, its use will be expanded. 

The following is a brief description of the characteristics of the ultrasonic metal welding machine for welding metal materials:

 (1), the two welded objects are overlapped, combined by ultrasonic vibration and pressure into a solid form, and the bonding time is short, and The bonded portion does not produce a cast (rough surface) defect. 

(2) Compared with the electric welding method, the ultrasonic welding has a long tool life, less tool refining and less time, and is easy to automate. 

(3), the same kind of metal, different metals can generally be welded, and much less energy than electric welding, for example, 1.5mm aluminum plate resistance welding should be 50-70kW power to weld, and ultrasonic welding Only 4kW is enough. In addition, ultrasonic welding can also be performed by airtight welding. 

(4) Compared with other pressure welding, ultrasonic welding requires less pressure and a deformation of 10%, while the workpiece deformation of cold-welded welding reaches 40%-90%. 

(5) Ultrasonic welding does not require pretreatment of the surface to be welded and post-treatment after welding, unlike other welding. 

(6) Ultrasonic welding does not require external factors such as flux, metal filler, and external heating. 

(7) Ultrasonic welding can reduce the temperature effect of the material (the temperature of the weld zone does not exceed 50% of the melting temperature of the metal to be welded, so that the metal structure does not change, so it is suitable for welding applications in the electronic field. ). 

Today, the characteristics of welding metal for ultrasonic metal welding machines are mentioned here first. If you want to know more about ultrasonic metal welding machines, please keep an eye on them.